Wednesday, June 13, 2012

YSN op/ed: Senator John Cornyn of Texas should be the one resigning

Interesting how Republicans have selective outrage over matters when
it involves Democrats, but never their own party. The (Fast & Furious)
program that the not-so-good senator from Texas took time to grill the
Attorney General yesterday was just one example of a long list of stuff
started during the Bush administration and Cornyn's tenure that carried
over to the Obama White House, just under a new name. A not so good
name change if you ask me. So the AG is guilty of lax name originality,
move on, there's nothing to see here. There is more important business
at hand for Senator Cornyn, he could help the President pass a jobs bill,
I'm sure the good people of TX would like to build or repair something
other than a new taxpayer funded sports dome or big-oil corp tax-credit.
I'm thinking that Cornyn was around when the GOP sold guns, directly,
to Iran during that other Repub-President, even ground to air missiles as
I understand it. Reform outdated US drug laws and Mexico won't have a
dollars worth of cartel violence to deal with. Pass the Dream Act and we
won't have the immigration problem we have now. Please resign Senator.
And when you leave, please give Senator McCain a ride back to Arizona,
he should resign, or better yet, just retire. McCain, likewise, has selective
recall when calling for special council probes (John & Lindsey file under
Obama-care it appears) remember the Bush White House outing of a CIA
operative Valarie Plame – boy the GOP really got into a national security
fast-track wad on that investigation – that involved Karl Rove and the VP
Dick Cheney, or both the President, and Vice President's office personnel.
Senator John Cornyn of Texas, I'm jobs and outrage, but not in that order.