Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris attacks ... What has been reported so far ... yellow sub blog

CNN - (Updated 9:46 AM ET, Sat November 14, 2015) - "Parisians woke up Saturday to a full realization of the horror wrought by the terrorist attacks of the previous evening -- violence deadlier than anything Paris has experienced since World War II ... ISIS claimed responsibility in an online statement. The statement said eight ISIS militants wearing explosive belts and armed with machine guns attacked precisely selected targets in the French capital ... It was the deadliest terrorist attack in Europe since the Madrid train bombings of 2004, in which 191 people died. And it came less than two weeks after after a Russian plane crashed in Sinai -- downed, intelligence officials believe, by a terrorist bomb -- killing all 224 people aboard. Some intelligence officials ... ISIS ... seems to be eclipsing al Qaeda as the most significant global terrorist threat ...". 

photo: A wounded man is evacuated from the Stade de France in Saint-Denis, outside Paris -