Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Power-cut on international space station can't be repaired until 2016 ...

Nasa said on Monday that the six astronauts were left with one less power channel on Friday.

"A short circuit in equipment on the station’s framework was to blame. The short apparently tripped a current-switching device, resulting in the loss of one of eight channels used to power the orbiting lab.

The affected systems were switched to alternate lines.

Nasa spokesman Dan Huot said the crew had been operating normally and was in no danger. A similar failure in 2014 required spacewalking repairs.

No good spare parts for the job are on board. Nasa planned to launch a replacement on a SpaceX delivery scheduled sometime early in 2016, Huot said. SpaceX has been grounded since a failed launch in June.

Nasa’s other commercial supplier, Orbital ATK, is on track to make a station shipment in just over two weeks following a one-year hiatus caused by its own launch explosion. But that cargo carrier is already packed for flight."  >>