Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Book in the Spider Web - yellow sub blog (usa)

The author of Girl in the Spider’s Web (David Lagercrantz) has now likely, already, earned more dragon dollars (or Swedish Kronas) than the original author ... the late Stieg Larsson ... ever did ... before his early demise in 2004.

Meanwhile all of this has unfortunately occurred after his wake. As much, in the same fashion as it had prior to Stieg's own passing ... or just before the first, of his three, dragon-girl book publications. Only now ... as after ... while we (numberless fans) still remain in the ever extending shadow of that story.

The Spider's Web is currently being promoted; if not having been blueprinted, planned and pushed; by the late Stieg's estranged father and brother. Whom, like characters out of the original Millennium trilogy it's self, or via managing by total, if not iron-fisted legal control of all things ... not with standing ... their twin-mount of legal good fortune.

Adding (or as again) even that likewise, abused, fictional character of Lisbeth Salander (aka, "wasp" or as that "girl with the dragon tattoo").

With all being as ... totally ironic, and / or ... as tragic ... now ... in so many ... similar ways.

Or if history wishes to tell us anything ... more simply ... just all things legal under Swedish law regarding those infamous, but clearly underhanded, methods of the Larsson father / brother duet in regards to their sudden good fortune (of-course only upon Stieg's unexpected death). And then those more official Swedish courts, thus granting of the late Stieg's entire estate, if not, future banner of wealth ... And thus ... in closing ... as if ... all of that was not enough (including one-half of Stieg's joint apartment as well ... no joking ...) PLUS - Total intellectual and monetary control, over Stieg's original characters and their future, future's well-being as well.

All while washing it's hands it seems, but not then thumbing it's legal nose first ... before then turning it's back upon the rights of Stieg's life-partner, Eva Gabrielsson. Eva and Stieg Larsson lived together from 1974 until his death in 2004. Also known as the period that the two birthed together, if not jointly developed, that one now infamous fictional child character ... otherwise ... named ... Lisbeth.

Obviously, after ten years of estate royalty spending, to not continue with the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo ... series or that mother-load of all Swedish big-money book sequences ... would have been even a bigger of a family surprise, if not, a likewise corporate literary publisher's misgiving for another easy fortune.


But not unlike a re-written chapter of the most current Spider's Web book episodes. Complete with similar motives, and grand illusionary story-plot additions. All where spiders and dragons suddenly become as normal humans and all things become as current as being American. Just with a slight Swedish twisting ... such as an American NSA employed character nicknamed, Ed "the fucking" Ned. 


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