Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ultimate ... Irony ... law ... less ... leaning Republicans hypocritically praise a court decision as ... favoring ... the 'rule of law'


One thing I've learned in researching the long, and somewhat, deceptive history of the so-called conservative movement (e.g., 'Republicans') is that when it comes to upholding the law ... it is not one of their party's major priorities. In fact, it's not even a secondary priority. So then, if history teaches us anything (... before Republicans...re-write those historical accounts ... that is) the actual 'rule of law' standard ... in the world of conservative politics ... is more like the story of Mr. Santa Claus ... rather than the concept person of Uncle Sam. Even though fictional, Uncle Sam, is therefore a more reliable standard in-terms of 'rule of law' observation ... than say ... the current conservative Santa Claus model mystique that Republicans ... would have you believe. And as supported by the corporate conservative tabloid newscast reporting ... that currently follows all of their Republican presidential primary candidates ...


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Court again blocks Obama's plan to protect undocumented migrants

"A 2-1 decision by the fifth US circuit court of appeals in New Orleans has upheld a previous injunction – dealing a blow to Obama’s plan, which is opposed by Republicans and challenged by 26 states.

The states, all led by Republican governors, said the federal government exceeded its authority in demanding whole categories of immigrants be protected...

Republicans hailed the ruling as a victory against the Obama administration.
John Scalise, the number three Republican in the House of Representatives, said the court decision was (“a major victory for the rule of law”)."






"The Tiger Cages of Viet Nam" - Historians Against the War

"After three days of continuous interrogation and torture, he died. ... There were, however, many Vietnamese who were tortured by Americans before .... "isolation cells" in Guantánamo, Cuba for imprisonment of Afghan and Iraqi suspects..."