Saturday, January 23, 2016

United States -- snowstorm (with blizzard-like conditions) paralyzes East Coast - yellow sub blog

BBC - “A massive blizzard bringing more than 2ft (60cm) of snow and punishing winds is advancing up the US East Coast. More than 50 million people across more than a dozen states have been warned to stay at home as it moves north. The nation's capital, Washington, could lie under a record 30in (76cm) of snow by the time the storm passes on Sunday. At least nine people have been killed and a state of emergency declared in 10 states. Transport services have been [canceled], and homes are without power. The weather system affects a huge swathe of the country, from Arkansas in the south to Massachusetts in the north-east. Supermarkets ran out of food amid a rush for supplies before the first snowflakes fell on Friday...” *


NOAA (National Weather Service)