Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Republicans pause to shred any remaining remnants of U.S. Constitutional Senatorial Directives ... yellow sub blog ...


  Continuing to drink from their 2009 bottle of spirits, Senate Republicans appear to wander about in the drunkard swagger of intoxicating public power, when it comes to actually doing anything constructive for the majority of the country. Once presented as the party that cared enough to get things done, they now campaign under the banner of fiction versus fact. With fiction trumping all cards on a table of fact.

With things being what they are today ... inside the 2015 gridlock of Washington, DC ... most conservative power brokers could actually be replaced with a robot-drone, or even computer software, that has the ability to write a pithy text message and then post that snide remark to an online Facebook page or to a likewise Twitter account.

In the national AP news today (Tuesday / Feb 23, 2016) we received confirmation that dozens of House Armed Services Committee Republicans have received large political donations from various defense contractors, and meanwhile, are the very ones currently rallying about in support for billions of dollars in added spending for new defense related contracts.

The Mother Jones web page is also reporting, as to current defense costs, where The US War on ISIS Is Costing a Fortune ... $6.2 billion and counting ... with no current end in sight. Noting that the word End in GOP conservative political-slang, historically means, Never {e.g.: the Afghanistan & Iraq war}.

Nonetheless, the President's FY-2017 budget for defense amounts to $583 billion. Republicans want to add another $18 billion dollars to that. U.S. defense spending already consumes some 50% of the yearly budget, while those GOP contested civic spending programs pale by comparison.

Further, it's worth noting once again, that it was in-fact those politically not-so brilliant Republican conservative masterminds that allowed the current Pandora's box of terrorism to be opened, in the first place ... way back in September of 2001.

Since then, American citizens have been required to give life, limb, happiness, and entire futures to the GOP cause of derived national security. Which was then handed-off to the current Democratic President. Who has had to deal with these same politically intoxicated Republican leadership as noted above. From Gitmo, to a simple appointment of a judge ... Republicans have stood their ground in-order to undermine national security, job creation, and economic growth. Something that al-Qaeda, the Taliban or ISIS groups have been unable to claim as accomplishments. Adding new meaning to that saying, 'With friends like these ... who needs enemies ?!