Friday, February 19, 2016

Super Delegate World: Where Democrats Get To Act Like Republicans ... yellow sub blog ...

It would appear at this point, that the only thing keeping Clinton in the primary race is that odd corporate lobby-like principle of the current DNC party hierarchy ... known as super delegates (or superdelegates ... for people who rally against the space bar or word separation). You and I would call it just another wishful letter to a remote person called Santa Claus. Or a plea to the bank, landlord, bill collector, or payday loan office. Nonetheless, when it comes to the Democratic presidential primary election, it becomes the holy grail of all things politics. Particularly money, if not nomination power. In other words ... pretty much all of that old-fashioned political concept of what cost Hillary the nomination in 2008 and what now has her 2015 re-bid dropping like her national elect-ability poll numbers. Yep. She currently loses to both Millionaire-Celebrity ('Water-boarding is not Torture') Donald Trump (NYC) and Senator (I Would Vote Against Anything Obama) Ted Cruz (GOP) of Texas.

What the Clinton incorporated crew of baggage-handers fail to acknowledge is how much the country has progressed since 2008 (despite the GOP designed political blockade) and how far removed voters have become from that 1990's moderate democratic-republican styled boot-scoot boogie her supporters are presently chanting for her re-newed 2015 tour. [Whew! Hillary!] Meanwhile, the District of Columbia sits idle from the conservative mandated burden of no-jobs, no-work and less self-control for just their own voters. But Hillary's Republican friend Henry Kissinger appears to-be happy as punch as the two smile-away together ... for just another one of her numerous Wall Street campaign fund-raisers.

Consider this ... nearly every single political ideal that Ms. Clinton is currently demanding of Democrat primary voters ... could be likely influenced, way better, through the Clinton Foundation. Plus, keep all her political baggage intact, all her wall street friends nearby and all her conservative corporate connections of world power / influence unfettered, if not, letter headed on a Clinton Foundation e-mail.

Otherwise, newly ordained King Trump, will be billing our forced 2016 departure to the Martian Planet Bank, newly located in the NYC Freedom Tower ... 


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