Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Conservatives, Crooks, Corporations (&) Courts...

The commonality of averages. In this case, below average. Recent election campaign funding news reveals that America has a ‘C’ problem. Chamber of Commerce, conservatives, corporations, courts and cash. When common elements of the “above” become commingled, or combined, you end up in a political situation, or political climate, ripe for the that law & order concept of corruption and crooks.

Now, we, as Americans, have arrived at a point of crossroads, or at the intersection of Constitutional law, versus politically-driven philosophical-agenda now being merged-together under a guise of “free speech” but instead, has a sole purpose to subvert or to undermine our United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. Strong words indeed. Maybe. Worse consequences, if my theories are remotely, correct...

Published: October 8, 2010 by then, free research project (freapj) & yellow sub news-op title: "Conservatives, crooks, corporations & the courts" 

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