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Alt-Right / Klan Protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, take a violent turn near UVA campus

yellow sub ~ periscope: news operation ~ 08.12.17

---   ~   "Democrats want to force Trump to reveal how much he is pocketing from his new ('job')...The goal of the investigation is to go through all government agencies, looking for funds spent at Trump-owned facilities. That includes stays at hotels, conferences in rooms rented from Trump, grants and benefits awarded to Trump companies, and the cost of security for events at Trump locations..." 

---  ~   "Trump Threatens Venezuela With Possible (‘Military Option’)...The United States sanctioned Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and other Venezuelan officials on July 31 after Maduro established a constituent assembly run by his Socialist Party loyalists and cracked down on opposition figures. Washington has not placed sanctions on the OPEC member’s oil industry, which supplies America with about 740,000 barrels per day of oil..."


~  ~    "Violence erupts at Klan-like rally through the University of Virginia campus...("A cowardly parade of hatred, bigotry, racism, and intolerance.")...There was no visible police presence with the hundreds-strong white nationalist march, and the scene was extremely tense. A ThinkProgress reporter exited through the circle of white nationalists when the fighting broke out. Several, one wearing a sidearm, followed after him demanding to know his identity. They relented when he showed them his press credentials..."


~  ~   "The Vise Is Tightening On Paul Manafort, The Mueller Probe’s Linchpin...From the millions of dollars Manafort reportedly owed to pro-Russian interests, to his bank accounts in the tax haven of Cyprus, to his attendance at a 2016 meeting billed as an opportunity for the Russian government to provide the Trump campaign with information that would damage Hillary Clinton’s chances in the presidential race, to his retroactive filing with the Justice Department as a foreign agent, the longtime GOP operative seems to have a toe in almost every part of the special counsel’s...probe..."


~  ~   "California’s Democrats Are Close to Passing a (“Sanctuary State”) Bill...Nearly one in three Californians is foreign born, one in two children in California has at least one immigrant parent, and millions of Californians belong to families whose members have mixed immigration status. The bill’s authors believe that public officials must maintain the trust of its immigrant population—trust that is eroding under...Trump..."


~  ~   "Maternity Care Under ACA Repeal...Despite the important role of the ACA in securing access to maternity care, conservatives in Congress have pushed to undo the law’s most critical protections for women, particularly protections concerning personal decisions about when and if to start a family. Although the proposals have differed, they share a common theme—they would have devastating consequences for black women’s maternal health..."