Sunday, March 18, 2018

AG Jeff Sessions, corrupted by political bias, should resign

Op/ed: It's obvious to anyone outside of the Donald J. Trump cult/klan circle of political cronies; that the Friday firing of Andrew McCabe was politically motivated and only added more obstruction to the already apparent obstruction of justice surrounding the Trump firing of then FBI director James Comey.

Current Attorney General Jeff Sessions was a promenentt member of the Trump campaign early on and knowingly withheld his contracts with various Russian agents from Congress, via required forms and sworn testimony, relative to his confirmation process, in-order to obtain his current Trump surrogate position as overseer of the Department of Justice. Therefore, Mr. Sessions while under oath or otherwise; has lacked candor, full disclosure, or likewise civic responsibility when dealing with the affairs of the public at large, in particular, the American voters. And instead, has endeavored for political gain under the guise of law & order and public office, for both personal and political gain, if not financial, for himself and others; now clear, if not apparent, in his role in the recent Trump directive firing of person, or persons, relative to special investigation of a foreign identity meddling in a United States presidential election; as well as; offices below and/or those required to be filled via an appointment or special election, as a result of that very same 2016 election.

Now under investigation and/or review regarding the use of foreign money, fake political ads, internet trolls & bots. as well as, illegal hacking and leaking of rival political materials belonging to the opposing Clinton campaign, by a Trump / Russia surrogate or partner, in other to obtain enough electoral votes, but not popular votes, to become the person in charge of the White House, Federal Departments & Cabinet Positions, Congress, The Supreme Court, as well as the current AG position at the Department of Justice, etc. / et al.